This page has been compiled to inform about the adjustments and practices adopted by our structure for the 2020 season based on the directives of the World Health Organization and those of the Italian Government currently available.
All information is promptly updated on the basis of the evolution of the emergency and of the relative directives issued by the competent bodies which could, in some cases, change what has been planned up to now.
The large spaces we have outside , with an area of 5 hectares , allow us to ensure our guests a distance that goes well beyond the directives. All our refreshment points enjoy large outdoor spaces and, in the very few areas of possible density, we are taking all the necessary measures to guarantee the right distance with a detailed company prevention protocol.
We have always taken hygiene and cleanliness standards very seriously and are now adopting them   additional measures   to guarantee the safety of our Guests and Collaborators. We are working to ensure that all hygiene, sanitation and cleaning guidelines are met to allow you to spend a peaceful stay in a safe environment, without giving up the essence of the holiday.

The specific steps that Tenuta Masseria del Gallo is currently taking include:

  • The mask for the guests is mandatory only when it is not allowed to keep the distance of one meter to another subscriber not belonging to their family
  • Detection of guests' body temperature during check-in, before entering the Reception and in the room, which must be> 37 ° C to have access to the structure
  • Request, via email, a copy of the identity documents , before arriving at the facility for the purpose of compulsory registration in regional systems and the State Police, according to the terms established by law.
  • Physical barriers such as screens, installed in the Reception , which will allow access for 1 person at a time

  • All our rooms, located in the garden, have access from the outside , no closed corridors and / or elevators
  • All rooms are equipped with windows and / or French windows for natural air exchange
  • Adoption of all sanitation and disinfection protocols for cleaning rooms, with specific procedures for sanitation before the arrival of each guest and particular attention to high-touch areas (frequently touched)
  • Remove all unnecessary items, such as informative publications and brochures (which will be in digital format and accessible by their devices)
  • Specific sanitation of remote controls
  • Room key sanitation
  • Cleaning staff use protective masks and gloves
  • All bed linen is washed and disinfected by the laundry, according to certified procedures

Common spaces :
  • More frequent cleaning and sanitation and disinfection, with particular attention to the reception, door handles, tables and chairs in the common areas
  • Hand sanitizing gel located in all common areas

Air Conditioning:
  • The frequency of washing and sanitizing of the filters will be increased for the air conditioning systems of all the common areas for a constant exchange of air with 100% supply of external air
  • The air conditioning systems in the rooms do not provide air flows shared treated, no exchange of air between a room and the other

Back of House :
  • More frequent cleaning in the spaces where employees work "behind the scenes", paying particular attention to all high-touch areas such as associated entrances, changing rooms, laundries and staff offices

Staff :
  • Supply of PPE (masks, sanitizing gels and disposable gloves) to all Employees
  • All staff will be monitored regularly through body temperature control
  • Continuous training on cleaning and hygiene protocols and on the notions and disclosure of information relating to COVID-19 and all related procedures

Food and beverages:
  • Buffet prohibited
  • Reception and storage of food and preparation of dishes according to the strictest HACCP guidelines
  • Disinfection of fruit and vegetables served raw
  • Guarantee of the minimum spacing of the tables prescribed
  • Extension of the already extensive outdoor spaces for each refreshment point
  • The tablecloth is washed and disinfected by the laundry according to certified procedures
  • Use of protective masks and gloves mono use during all forms of food processing and manufacture of the dishes, as well as during the service

Activities :
  • Padel , Calcetto , jogging path in olive grove of over 1km. The sports center follows the sector-specific rules in force

Click the link below to download the complete REGION OF APULIA REGION:
Prime Ministerial Decree 17 May 2020 - Reopening of economic activities e